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Thank you Denise for sharing this with me. I look forward to understanding others challenges as I learn to understand my own.



Denise, your story is very inspiring. Thanks for sharing.....

I too am suffering from a disease that makes it difficult for my blood to flow into my legs. Fortunately, I can walk, but my legs have formed very ugly scars from wounds that took years to heal (I have one right now)and dead-looking veins that make me too awkward to wear shorts or skirts.

Whenever I do, I have to bear the curious glances of people. But then, like you, i choose not to let their stares affect me. I choose to be happy and to enjoy what life has to offer.


Denise, I appreciate this post for two reasons. 1) You made me aware of how much I take things for granted, 2) I have a better understanding of the challenges a person in a wheelchair faces each day. Thank you so much for giving us a peek into just one part of your day.

Denise DiNoto

I'm late to responding to comments - sorry! Susan - feel free to use anything of mine, as long as it is OK with Lucia and the blog owners. If I can ever be of assistance with anything, just let me know.

Ann - you have always were and continue to be a mentor I can follow. Thank you for always believing in me and my abilities.

Charleen - I've been blessed to be surrounded by other achievers in my family.


I am so supportive of you writing about pee math! Now I have a name for what I went through for years of my life. now I know I had to do "stool" math. It is indeed a blessing (from some part of some universe somewhere) to be able to take these daily bodily functions for granted and do them with ease and without a second thought. Very happy you feel free to write about pee!!!!! :-)

Susan Frankel

Denise, You and Jen taught me so much about how to face and manage limitations with a positive spirit. I would like to use your post and share it with the students in my human growth and development class that I teach. I dedicate 2 classes per semester to discussing disability issues with the class. I added it in because there are no disability courses taught at the college unless they are in the nursing department and I think it is critical to their own personal and professional growth and development. Now, I'm going to be thinking about whether I would choose eating or peeing if I had to make a health choice. Hmmm...what to do???

Ann n obis

Denise, you have always been a positive person! I love your thinking and approach. You inspire so many. You live the life you have as I have always taught Brie to to be happy and fulfilled. Love reading your blog. You go girl!

Charleen Sastri

Beautiful story of your daily life ; and also of the daily struggles that you accomplish within your heart. You are an achiever!!!!

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