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It's weird how a disability can lead to friendships, isn't it? Do you ever wonder if you would have the same friends if you weren't blind? By simply being showing care and interest in people, you're able to connect with them. Awesome sentiments shared throughout. Funny you mention "That's What Friends Are For", because I instantly thought of Toy Story.

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What's this all about?

  • Our name is twofold. “Able” meaning capable. There are four of us with disabilities - visible and hidden. Assumptions from others perceive us as not being capable of carrying out a "normal" life. But the fact is having disabilities gives us more desire to be willing and able. “Bodies” because we all have our own, and also part of a larger human body. Able and Bodies together speaks to each of us individually. We are willing, able and VERY capable of achieving whatever our mind is set toward. When the four of us are together, the feeling is amplified.