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Mary Ann Permesang

I think this is great Lucia. Besides knowing you, mainly through Derek, I know Roel (my brother-in-law) and Elizabeth from Hope College. I actually was one of her assistants for a while. That was 15 years ago--hard to believe. But you all are amazing---not because of your disabilities, but because of who you are. Just being you!

Thank you for doing this blog.


That was so well-written Lucia! I think this blog is an awesome idea and I can't wait to read more! :)


Hi Rhonda! So glad that you are reading! The problem has been fixed and you can subscribe now!

Rhonda Mobley

I tried to subscribe but the link isn't working at the top of the page. Please check into that! Thanks in advance :)

Sara Blomeling DeRoo

Awesome! Y'all are leaders and inspirerers. This will be a great platform to educate and NORMALIZE. Shine on!

Melba Schaus

Totally loved reading this. Roel Garcia is my cousin and I have basically known him from birth. However it wasn't until he shared his experiences of his disability that I truly understood what he had gone through. Amazing. U r right, people FIRST, disability a far second. I have a four yr old daughter with a tracheostomy and we get the looks too. She is perfectly healthy and capable otherwise, but they r drawn to her neck. We hope it will come out soon, but in the mean time, this journey has taught us so much about te human spirit and the lack of sheer human courtesy!

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What's this all about?

  • Our name is twofold. “Able” meaning capable. There are four of us with disabilities - visible and hidden. Assumptions from others perceive us as not being capable of carrying out a "normal" life. But the fact is having disabilities gives us more desire to be willing and able. “Bodies” because we all have our own, and also part of a larger human body. Able and Bodies together speaks to each of us individually. We are willing, able and VERY capable of achieving whatever our mind is set toward. When the four of us are together, the feeling is amplified.